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Print Professionally On Our Own, Part 2 - CMYK vs RGB

Export the MS file to PDF and convert the PDF to CMYK using Adobe Software.

RGB and CMYK are two commonly used industrial lingo. RGB refers to red, green and blue light, while CMYK refers to Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black(K) ink. When printing, always make sure that your artwork is coded in CMYK for best output on a printer.

Some Notes For You

Microsoft Office - Word, Powerpoint and Excel - Are RGB Formatted

People may not be aware that MS Office documents are coded in RGB format. Although you can convert your MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel files into Adobe PDF files, the converted PDF files are also in RGB format. Hence, if you print from Microsoft Office files, or the converted Adobe PDF files, you are actually outputting a RGB formatted file using a CMYK output device - your printer. Hence, the printout will not be correctly coloured. The solution is either you export the MS file to PDF and convert the PDF to CMYK using Adobe Software, or you can engage a designer to help you design your artwork.

Designers Are Human Too!

Designers are also human. If you have engaged a designer to help you design your printable artwork, do gently remind him or her to export it in CMYK. Some designers who, are more in-tuned with on-screen media, may forget to do so. A gentle reminder is all that takes to make sure the final artwork that you receive are formatted in the correct colour format.

CMYK Formatted Artwork May Appear To Have Wrong Colours

As CMYK format is meant for printing, the colours found on a CMYK formatted artwork may appear off. For example, light subtle green in CMYK may appear as strong luminous green on screen. But worry not, it may not be an artifact.

Alright, we hope you like our simple tips above. More tips will be coming soon. Happy printing!

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