In print production, printing in mass quantity requires certain level of commitment because it is not cheap.  And once committed, you cannot change what was printed.  So we set off to find the DIY solution for individuals who need to create their own professional collateral, and yet make it affordable.


Booklet production is one of these collateral.  This 360 Degree Rotatable Stapler is a gem.  Like all the other staplers, they too can staple. But what makes it different is its ability to change its punch direction.  This makes stapling at the centre of a stack of paper easy!


Together with all the various paper types we offer, this stapler will be a great companion for you in creating your own DIY booklets.  A fantastic tool for students, entrepreneurs, and executives who needs to create on your own great collaterals but in manageable quantities.

DIY Booklet Binding (Saddle-Stitch) 360 Degree Rotatable Stapler

  • 360 Degree Rotatable Punch Directions

    Able to bind 2-20 pieces of 80gsm woodfree papers

    50 staplets capacity

    Uses 24/6 | 26/6 stapler

    Able to reach 85 mm depth into stapling media

  • Comes with 5 boxes of Staplets